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What Makes Cycle 3 Sixty Different


 Our Staff!  We believe that fitness is a lifelong journey that should be rewarding and fun.  Each of our staff members is certified in both the fitness industry and life safety.  Our classes are designed to be challenging for all levels.  Our instructors are knowledgeable about proper body alignment and mechanics as well as bike safety ensuring that we provide our clients with the best possible results from their efforts.  The music is hot, the equipment is state of the art, but most importantly we have an instructor team that is multi-talented, motivated and fun.

Cycle 3 Sixty is one of the only cycling studios in OKC, and one of an elite group of cycling studios across the nation, that incorporates real time performance data tracking and heart rate monitoring into the workouts.  This allows each client to use data to track and improve their performance over time.

This data is projected, real time, on a TV screen during each class (a client’s personal data can be hidden from the screen if desired).  After each session individual performance results  can be accessed on the website.  The pictures below depict the data that is shown during class for the riders that choose to participate. 

Online data tracking (example shown below) allows clients to view their daily results as well as their trends over time. 


Data Tracking




In the Speed and Power modes our clients are able to see their cycling data in real time, allowing them to track individual statistics for each session. Power is a combination of speed and resistance and builds overall strength and endurance. Speed mode is similar to Power mode, except the ranking focus is on the RPM versus the power. In Team mode individuals are grouped in teams to push for speed or for power for some motivating group competition.


Real Time Display During Class




The PTP mode teaches our clients to find their “critical power” level. Using this PTP number, riders will be able to perform zone training based on each individual’s sustainable power level. The class will be asked to work in different zones based on the goals of the exercise and each individuals personal PTP.

Personal Threshold Power Display




 Cycle 3 Sixty also has heart rate monitoring capabilities for students wishing to monitor their heart rate training zones.  This allows instructors to tailor workouts to help individuals accomplish their personal goals.  We use heart rate monitoring in every class - cycling, circuit training and even yoga, so students can monitor everything that is happening during their time in class.

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